Washing Bills

Firstly, Take your $1 dollar bills and iron them flat, they must be in PERFECT condition. Pour 500 mL of Acetone into a bowl, then Pour 500 mL of bleach into the bowl. Finally, Measure out 500 mL of  Hydrogen Peroxide. 3% works the best for this job. Although, Hydrogen Peroxide is optional, It will increase production time. You should notice that you’re reaction bath should get hot and bubbling. Great! Now is where the fun begins. Put on chemical and electric resistant gloves ( Rubber Gloves) and put on a face mask that will protect your mouth and nose. The Chemical bath isn’t crazy dangerous but safety first. Place your $1 bill into the reaction bath and submerge it for 10 minutes. Once the bill has been soaked for 10 minutes then remove the bill from the bath and place it on a hard surface. This next step isn’t a race so please do not rush it. One the washed bill is on a hard surface, Take your Kleenex or your DRIED baby wipe and slowly start rubbing the front of the bill in a soft, but firm circular motion. Please know that if you didn’t add Hydrogen Peroxide to the bath then you’ll notice the ink will leave black smudges over the bill, Just keep rubbing in the circular motion. You will not be able to get all the ink off with just the one soak in the chemical bath. It roughly takes 3 – 4 soaks but for only 1 – 2 minutes at a time now instead of 10. Keep rubbing off the ink and re-soaking until the bill becomes completely White/Grey/Pearl. After the bill has been completely washed then run the bill under hot water. DO NOT flood the bill with hot water, It will cause tears and will become unusable and you’ll have to start all over. Now, after you’ve ran the bill under hot water, do the same thing but with cold water. You have to make sure you get all the chemicals off of the bill. Place the bill in a large envelope and place a heavy object ontop of it. Let it sit for 90 minutes, this makes the bill solidify and feel normal again. Carefully re-iron the bill to remove any blotches of leftover ink or wrinkled/balled up paper. There you have it. You have successfully white washed the front of a $1 bill. Repeat the steps above but this time, for the back of the $1 bill.

Check for the next blog entry for steps for printing on a washed bill.


~ by tweakk on March 31, 2010.

One Response to “Washing Bills”

  1. I cannot believe that you do this! I’m pretty sure that this is illegal!

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